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The Most Unforgettable Gift

An illustration I made for AWW Magazine Volume 6; artist contribution section on the topic “The Most Unforgettable Gift”

“When I was a kid, I remembered my parents would give me stars for all the chores or good things I did. Once I collected a certain amount of stars, I would get a gift from my parents. During that time, Tamagotchi was super popular among my friends and kids my age. So, I always told my mom about how I wanted one so badly. She decided to buy me a Tamagotchi as a gift for collecting all the stars. I was so happy about the gift I got, it was basically like my first pet. I remember trying to take good care of it and bring it to school everyday to play with my friends. Even now I still go back and play with them from time to time just because it brings me back good memories. For me, this is the most unforgettable gift I've ever received.”

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